We would be happy to join in a discussion with your senior leadership team to address your organization’s situation and its needs. This discussion should focus on 5 key questions.

  1. Has your organization established a cost reduction goal? If a goal has not been established, are there any barriers to setting one?
  2. If you have a goal how was it set?  Has the goal been communicated?
  3. Historically which cost initiatives have succeeded and which have failed? 
  4. How should this history of successes and failures inform future cost reduction plans?
  5. How can Channon & Associates help your senior leadership team?
    • Help us establish goals and targets
    • Align targets with metrics, budgeting, plans, and controls
    • Align initiatives to planned results and tracking
    • Help us overcome the execution barriers that block achievement of our cost reduction goals
    • Keep us on course by guiding our leadership team to meet cost reduction goals

If Channon & Associates sounds like a firm you would like to consider, we invite you to call us at 847-945-2409 or email us at info@channonconsulting.com

“Over the years that we have worked together, Channon & Associates has become a trusted advistor to me and my leadership teams… They combine a deep understanding of organizational issues with an experienced point of view of how the world of the hospital executive operates.”

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