We have written extensively on topics related to Strategic Cost Management in the health care industry. We have written articles for leading professional publications and organizations in the hospital industry including the Health Care Advisory Board, The Governance Institute, HFMA, and AHA.


“5 Ways to Trim Excess Costs”, a blog published in HFM Magazine

“3 Often–Overlooked Ways to Reduce Costs”, Healthcare Cost Containment, October 2013

“Effective Cost Management Requires Pushing Through Execution Barriers”, Healthcare Cost Containment, August 2013

“The Path to Sustainable Cost Management: Addressing Tough Questions”, Healthcare Cost Containment, April 2013

“Achieving Sustainable Cost Transformation”, HFM

“A Guide for Managing Costs and Refining Cost Structure”, HFM

“Strategic Cost Management”, HFM

“Addressing Census Peaks and Valleys”, H&HN

“Economic Sizing Can Reduce Labor Costs In Hospitals”, HFM

“Staffing Smart: Economic Sizing Cuts Labor Costs, Eases Staffing Headaches”, Healthcare CFO Report

“Reducing Aggregate Care Team Costs Through Optimal Patient Placement”, JONA

“Optimal Bed Management Position Paper”, Channon & Associates

“Downsizing: Avoiding the Trauma”, HFM

“Dispelling Productivity Myths”, H&HN


8 Keystone Habits to Supercharge Hospital Financial Performance (1.5 minute video)

Doing the Right Things: Stop Doing to Add Value (1.5 minute video)

8 Habits of Highly Effective Cost Management™

The 7 Keys to Leadership Engagement

Top 10 Cost Reduction Execution Barriers Facing Healthcare Organizations

Number 1 Key to Successful Cost Reduction in Healthcare Organizations

Top 10 Must Have Tools to Support Your Cost Reduction Effort

10 Target Setting Tips Tricks and Traps

Tackling 10 Tough Questions Regarding Your Cost Reduction Initiative

Habit #4: Doing the Right Things to Lower Healthcare Cost

Three Biases That Will Doom Your Cost Reduction Effort Before it Even Starts


Stop Doing To Add Value

Leveraging Your Leadership Team for Superior Results

8 Keystone Habits to Supercharge Hospital Financial Performance

Your Strategy Isn’t What You Say It Is

Performance Excellence Report Card

Benchmarking the Corporate Office

Getting Caught in Your Underwear: Avoid These 7 Benchmark Traps to Accelerate Cost Savings in Hospitals

Have You Hardwired Leadership Engagement for Cost Reduction Success?

Tackling the 10 Toughest Questions Surrounding Your Cost Reduction Effort

Eliminating the Top 5 Time-Wasters to Accelerate Cost Savings in Hospitals

My A-HA Moment

The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Cost Management

Crossing the Cost Reduction Finish Line in Healthcare Organizations

Overcoming Barriers: The Surest Path to Savings in Hospitals

#1 Key to Successful Cost Reduction

Three Biases That Will Doom Your Cost Reduction Effort

10 Telltale Signs of Organizational Inefficiency

It’s Not Just One Thing

Target-Setting for Cost Reduction: Tips, Tricks and Traps

Reducing Overhead Costs in Healthcare Organizations

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