We have spoken extensively on topics related to Strategic Cost Management in the health care industry at conferences and professional organizations throughout the country. These include The Governance Institute, HFMA, VHA, and AHA. Our Leadership Workshops are tailored in length according to the need and audience. A sampling of these topics is displayed below.

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Speaking and Leadership Workshops

Hardwiring 8 Keystone Habits of Performance Excellence

Goal and Target-Setting: Tips, Tricks, and Traps

10 Keys to Performance Excellence

Engaging Leadership for Results

Overcoming Top 10 Execution Barriers

Eliminating Time-Wasters and Accelerating Results


1st Things First Resource Allocation

Benchmarking for Results

Tackling Toughest Issues for Greater Transparency

Optimizing Corporate

Pushing Through Execution Barriers

Getting Strategic About Cost Management

Strategic Cost Management: Unlocking Hidden Savings Opportunities

Strategic Cost Management: Identifying Opportunities and Achieving Reductions, Ahead of the Curve

We have also written on these topics in leading professional publications serving the healthcare industry.

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