Channon & Associates — Big-Firm Expertise Without the Big-Firm Fees

FeatureChannon & Associates Big Box Firms
Meets or exceeds targeted results5% to 8% savings for areas targeted
Fees and ROIFees in the thousands, ROI 25-50Fees in the millions, ROI 3-5
ApproachPartners with senior leadership to speed R-E-S-U-L-T-S and strengthen “execution capacity”

Belief that your organization has the resident experts

Hardwires 8 Keystone Habits to Supercharge Hospital Financial Performance™ and strengthen sustainability

Reinforces dependency, stunts development

Uses subject matter experts

Emphasizes heavy reliance on consultants to get results

Project Structure and TimetableSeamless to accelerate
timing of results

Phased, resulting in extended timing/higher fees
Tools & MethodologiesExtensive – provides valuable tools to promote sustainability
Heavy reliance on consultant expertise